Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is "Got Love?" ?

A: GotLove?  - is created as a simple, fast and free service, for the socially conscious new generation to find "TRUE LOVE" barring Dowry, Caste or Religion.   Simply put "Bringing 'Love' to the centerstage in marriage".

Q: What is the purpose of 'Got love?" when there are so many matrimonial sites in India?

A: Most of the competition (matrimonial sites) maintain the 'status quo' and encourage the social evils of this country, India - such as 'Dowry', divisions in the name of 'Caste', 'Religion', 'Ethinicity' and others.

We started with a purpose to eradicate or at best to improve the situations in India for the next gen. When one looks at 'America', most of the critical 'human and societal' developments happen as there are little divisions among people. However in India, even though we are one of the oldest civilizations in the world, there are numerous divisions and people thrive on those divisions by encouraging them.

Q: Why is the service 100% free?

A: Yes, We are 100% free for those brave individuals who vouch to change the Indian society and to improve India.  Unlike other sites which claim 'Register for free!', We say, here everthing is free! This means one could reach out to other with their will and permission akin to the advertisements in 'Matrimonial' sections of Newspapers.

The 'True Love' doesn't care about - Dowry, Caste or Creed as long as two individuals like each other and find themselves compatible to lead a happy life.

Q: What is your vision? and What is your slogan?

A: We want to create a society of new generation where "True Love" is celebrated, and divisions disappear! To this end, we provide a simple and fast service free of charge.

Our slogan is: "Marry for love!"

Q: What is your mission?

A: 1. To create a socially conscious new generation.
2. To eradicate the 'evil' of Dowry! and to eradicate suppresion of women's rights inIndia.
3. To avoid the sad 'Dowry Deaths' of women in future India.
4. To improve the situation for the brides and their family and remove the untold extreme pains they go through in the name of marriage.
5. To challenge the 'status quo' in the society and matrimonial industry.

Q: When did you start?

A: We started in late 2011 and opened our service for public use on April 21st 2012

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in a rural Tamilnadu, a village just over 100 KM from Chennai. We strive not just to change the 'ways of matrimony' but also the lives of people in rural areas. With that goal, and to provide employment in the 'rural areas' and limit the migrations of educated individuals from villages to Metros, this in turn improves the conditions of village. This also provides ample opportunities to weaker sections of the society who lack necessary english communication skills, and are rustic on technical skills and knowledge.

Q: What is your business model?

A: We are continuously assessing our business model, we may provide 'Premium' or 'Elite' individual services in future.  However our 'Classic' service - to 'Post, Search, and Contact', will always remain free of charge!  We may also have partnerships or advertisements in the model in the future.

Q: Why don't I find m(any) suitable profiles?

A: As you know with any service, it takes time to adopt. Given the fact that we are here only since April 2012, we anticipate to gain momentum in the coming months. We invitie you to post your profile - it costs you nothing and takes only few seconds! And may we ask you to 'spread the word' if only you find us worthy!

Q: Why is your website so simplistic?

A: We want you to focus on the task at hand, to post a profile, to search for a profile and to make a contact with the suitable ones. We worked hard to keep it simple and to remove any distractions and clutter.

Q: How can we contribute?

A :We welcome you to spread the word to your family and friends if you like us and to tell us if you have any concerns or problems. Send us any information on the bugs, new feature requests or complaints. We would be happy if you send all your feedback through the 'feedback' page.



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